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2022 State Water Plan Water User Group Population Projections for 2020-2070

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 /  Jan 2020 - Dec 2070

Water user group (WUG) population projections in Texas from 2020 through 2070 in the 2021 Regional Water Plans and 2022 State Water Plan.

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Column Type Label Description Unit
EntityId numeric Entity ID

Entity identification number

EntityName text Entity Name

Name of the entity

WugType text WUG Type

Water use type for the water user group (WUG)

WugRegion text WUG Region

Water Planning Region the WUG is located in

WugCounty text WUG County

County the WUG is located in

EntityIsSplit text Entity Is Split

The WUG is located in more than one planning region or county. This indicates the WUG has more than one record in the dataset.

P2020 numeric Population Projection for 2020

WUG population projections for 2020

P2030 numeric Population Projection for 2030

WUG population projections for 2030

P2040 numeric Population Projection for 2040

WUG population projections for 2040

P2050 numeric Population Projection for 2050

WUG population projections for 2050

P2060 numeric Population Projection for 2060

WUG population projections for 2060

P2070 numeric Population Projection for 2070

WUG population projections for 2070

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