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Texas Stream Team Water Quality Data

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Water quality data collected by community scientists trained under the Texas Stream Team monitoring protocols.

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Column Type Label Description Unit
Name text Name
Description text Description
Basin text Basin
County text County
Latitude numeric Latitude
Longitude numeric Longitude
TCEQ Stream Segment text TCEQ Stream Segment
Sample Date text Sample Date
Sample Time text Sample Time
sample_depth__m_ text Sample Depth (m)
Days Since Last Significant Rainfall numeric Days Since Last Significant Rainfall
rainfall_total__inches_in_last_3_days_ numeric Rainfall Total (inches in last 3 days)
Flow Severity text Flow Severity
pH text pH
conductivity___s_cm_ text Conductivity (µs/cm)
dissolved_oxygent__mg_l_ numeric Dissolved Oxygent (mg/L)
air_temperature___c_ text Air Temperature (°C)
water_temperature___c_ text Water Temperature (°C)
e__coli_average numeric E. Coli Average
secchi_disk_transparency__m_ text Secchi Disk Transparency (m)
transparency_tube__m_ text Transparency Tube (m)
nitrate_nitrogen__ppm_or_mg_l_ text Nitrate-Nitrogen (ppm or mg/L)

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