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The Hub relies on data contributions to build a diverse network of water data across entities, geography and disciplines and fulfill the mission of creating a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) water data landscape for Texas.

To meet this goal, we need your help! If you have a suggestion or are interested in contributing data, resources, or applications to the Hub please contact us.

Adding Data Has Benefits

Standardized Documentation

A standardized metadata schema and streamlined entry process means you can easily create consistent and appropriate metadata and data dictionary information for your datasets that meet federal open data standards. Ensuring your data are understood and used appropriately.

Increased Access, Use, and Value

Indexed search and a “one stop shop” for Texas water data means your data are more easily findable for the people who need it. No longer will searchers need to learn the in’s and out’s of your organization, website, or the Texas water data landscape to know your data exists, be able to locate them, and find value through use.

No Moving Data, Easy Download, and Fewer Requests

Connecting data through links, API’s and services means you remain the authoritative owner of your data. Your organization continues to host, maintain, and provide the public access to your data as usual, but the Hub adds another easy and reliable download process that may reduce the amount of time and effort you spend responding to requests.

Highly Sought Information

At the Hub we are actively seeking water datasets and applications that are publicly available, in a downloadable format, ideally available as webservices, such as:

  • Water data within these categories
  • Statewide coverage datasets
  • Webservice or API based data
  • Easily linked data or data with common IDs
  • Long history and continuous record data
  • Historical data not previously accessible

Not Well Suited Information

At this time, the Hub will not be including data that is not publicly available for download in a machine-readable format. We cannot accommodate the following data:

  • Private or non-public data
  • PDF reports or studies without raw data
  • Non-machine-readable data
  • Paper maps or non-digital data
  • Thesis or dissertations that are not published
  • Static tables/graphs/images embedded in webpages (without a downloadable format)
  • Datasets without an owner/producer
  • Data not related to Texas water

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